Let's Play Chess

Saturday Afternoon Group Chess Classes




An ongoing group chess class focusing on fundamental chess instruction in a casual atmosphere. Students will improve their chess, have better results, and enjoy chess more.

The Beginning Class (u800) stresses basic concepts: thinking techniques, strategy, endgames and tactics.

The Intermediate Class (u1500) reinforces solid fundamentals with more advanced ideas, techniques, and strategies.


Saturday afternoons:

Beginning Group Chess Class (U800): 2 - 3:30pm


Intermediate Group Chess Class (U1500): 3:30 - 5pm


Coach Mathew Benson instructs these classes and has coached chess since 2005. His students have won a wide variety of local, state, national, and international championships. They have competed in multiple World Youth Chess Championships and been selected to the All-America Chess Team.


O-Mei Academy classroom 1

10070 Imperial Drive

Cupertino, CA 95014


Students pre-K through grade 12 may join at any time and are required to register in groups of 4 classes ($72). Full registration required. Only Team LPCC may drop-in = $25/class. Optional homework. Classes will feature activities/lecture led by Coach Mathew and supervised play. No class November 25.


$18/class. Registered students may attend any Saturday classes they choose (breaks in attendance are ok). Discount (5%) for sibling co-enrollment.


Online [register now]



Tel/Text: (408) 839-0830, www.chessthings.com, info@chessthings.com