Let's Play Chess Club


When: Mondays 6 - 9pm

The Let's Play Chess Club (LPCC) is a scholastic chess club open to current Let's Play Chess students and Team LPCC. The lecture starts at 6pm followed by a G45 non-rated tournament game at 7.


Coach Mathew Benson lectures weekly.

Coach Mathew's students have won multiple state, national, and international championships. They have qualified for multiple World Youth Chess Championships, medaled in international tournaments, and been selected to the All-America Chess Team.

LPCC Team Results
2012 National G/60 600-999 Team Champions
2013 USATW Scholastic 2nd place
2013 National G/60 Class F 800-999 Team Champions
2014 USATW Scholastic T-2nd place
2014 National G/60 Class F 800-999 Team Champions
2015 US Jr Chess Congress 10 & under National Club Champions

USCF Top Player Lists


Resurrection Lutheran Church

2495 Cabrillo Avenue

Santa Clara, CA 95051-1801


info@chessthings.com, twitter.com/chessthings, youtube.com/chessthings, instagram.com/chessthings

Upcoming Schedule

August 7 - GM Ino Sadorra lecture and simul. Grandmaster Sadorra is rated 2700 uscf and plays board 1 for the Philippines' National Team. In last year's Chess Olympiad he drew Magnus Carlsen. The lecture is free and starts at 6pm, followed by his 20 board simul ($20/board). All LPC students and team players are cordially invited to this special event. Please rsvp any boards via email.

August 14 - Club Championship Rd 1

August 21 - Club Championship Rd 2

August 28 - Club Championship Rd 3


Past Event & Marathon Tournament Winners:


IM Vignesh Panchanatham simul: 0/18

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 0/19

IM Cameron Wheeler simul: 0/16

Rubber Chess Championship: Manank

Sacrifice City Championship: Hari A

Frisco del Rosario simul: 1/10 (Mithil, Vignesh J.)

IM John Donaldson simul: 1/15 (Arul Viswanathan)


Sacrifice City Championship: Tal G

GM Dejan Bojkov clock (G105/G60) simul: .5/14 (Sanat S)

IM Irene Sukandar & WIM Sabrina Chevannes tandem simul: 3/20

      2 Wins: Sanat Singhal & Mr Kalyan

      2 Draws: Shopnavo Biswas, Arul Viswanathan

GM Timur Gareyev 35 board blindfold simul: 2/35

     1 win: Vignesh Jami & Arvind Sankar (team)

     2 draws: Arul Viswanathan, Andrew Ng

Dapper Dan's Dainty Date: Tal G

top kek: Elliot K

WIM Sabrina Chevannes simul: 3/18

     1 win: Mr Kalyan

     4 draws: Arya, Arul, Elliot & Ishan D


Random Opening G10 Championship: Arul

FM Vignesh Panchanatham simul: 0/12

Blindfold Marathon: Ajay S

IM Kesav Viswanadha simul: 0/11

Biggie Food Service: Ajay S.

GM Timur Gareyev blindfold simul: 0/11

WIM Sabrina Chevannes simul: 4/17

     8 draws: Aditya, Shaashwath, Manas, Tal,

     Nikhil, Shopnavo, Elliot, Arul

Let's Play Chess Club Championship: Arul

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 1/15 (Eliam Chang)

Bughouse Championship: Arul & Aditya

Rubber Chess Championship: Arul

IM Ricardo de Guzman simul: 0/19

FM Cameron Wheeler simul: .5/20 (Milind Maiti)

The White Knight: Arul

The Arul Tournament: Nico

IM John Donaldson simul: 0/14

GM Susan Polgar Q&A

GM Jesse Kraai simul: 0/16


Sacrifice City Championship: Arul

G5 Championship: Arul (rated); Tal (unrated)

Problem Solving Championship: Arul

#cuddlymuffins chess tournament: Arul

GM Enrico Sevillano simul: 0/18

Blindfold Marathon: Shopnavo

Let's Play Chess Club Championship: Arul

GM Mark Paragua & GM Oliver Barbosa tandem simul: .5/21 (Arul Viswanathan)

FM Vignesh Panchanatham simul: 1/15 (Arul Viswanathan, Sathvik R)

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 0/18

IM Ricardo de Guzman simul: 0/21

Carnivorous Potato: Arul

Bughouse Championship: Shopnavo & Arul

The Chess Clock: Arul V

Rubber Chess Championship: Arul V

The Rook: Arul V

Magnus Carlsen Forum raffle: Ishan D, Shopnavo


G/5 Championship: Naman (rated), Varun P (unrated)

Problem Solving Championship: Arul V

The Chess Tournament: Arul V

Blindfold Marathon: Arul V

Let's Play Chess Club Championship: Rishabh Hangal

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 0/19

GM Vadim Milov simul: 0/20

The Broccoli Ninja: Arul V (rated), Beatrice, Spencer, Ajay (unrated)

FM Cameron Wheeler simul: 3/24

     2 Wins: Deng-Tung Wang, Aditya Behal

     2 Draws: Martin Liu, Spencer Lee

Bughouse Championship: Team Anonymous (Naman & Iddo)

Jello Jalapeno Wasabi Pepper: Arul V

IM Ricardo de Guzman simul: 1/21, (Arul Viswanathan)

Fischer Random Marathon: Arul V

I Hate Gummy Worms: Arul V


The Knight Eats The Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich: Aditya B

IM Elliott Winslow simul: 0/20

Problem Solving Championship: Shopnavo

Play Slow & Blunder Check: Arul V (rated), Pranav M (unrated)

The Dark Knight Rises: Aditya B

Let's Play Chess Club Championship: Deng-Tung Wang

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 0.5/30, (Michael Wang)

Champion's League: Arul V (rated), Nirmit A (unrated)

The Knight Mayor: Elliot K (rated), Nirmit A (unrated)

Bobby's Head: Brandon H

The Thing: Stephen H


Bazooka Rifle Jelly Cheese Sandwich: Arto M

Shadow Bullet Destroyer: Arul V

Frisco del Rosario Booktalk

NM Arjoe Loanzon simul: .5/40 (Arvind Sankar)

USCF rated results