Let's Play Chess Club


When: Mondays 7 - 9pm

The Let's Play Chess Club (LPCC) is a scholastic chess club open to current Let's Play Chess students and Team LPCC. The lecture starts at 7pm followed by a G45 non-rated tournament game at 7:30.


Coach Mathew Benson lectures weekly.

Coach Mathew's students have won multiple state, national, and international championships. They have qualified for multiple World Youth/Cadet Chess Championships, medaled in international tournaments, and been selected to the All-America Chess Team.

LPCC Team Results
2012 National G/60 600-999 Team Champions
2013 USATW Scholastic 2nd place
2013 National G/60 Class F 800-999 Team Champions
2014 USATW Scholastic T-2nd place
2014 National G/60 Class F 800-999 Team Champions
2015 US Jr Chess Congress 10 & under National Club Champions

USCF Top Player Lists


Resurrection Lutheran Church

2495 Cabrillo Avenue

Santa Clara, CA 95051-1801


info@chessthings.com, twitter.com/chessthings, youtube.com/chessthings, instagram.com/chessthings

Upcoming Schedule

February 12 - The French Fry Defense rd 4

February 19 - no club meeting


Past Event & Marathon Tournament Winners:


Pub Quiz: Arul Viswanathan

Let's Play Chess G5 Championship: Shaaketh Sivakumar


Bughouse Championship: It's Your Move (Archish & Mithil)

Sniper Chess Championship: Archish

Frisco del Rosario Capablanca: A Primer of Checkmate booktalk

Bomb Chess Championship: Archish

Let's Play Chess Club Championship: Mithilesh Gopalakrishnan

GM Julio Sadorra simul: 0/17

IM Vignesh Panchanatham simul: 0/18

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 0/19

IM Cameron Wheeler simul: 0/16

Rubber Chess Championship: Manank

Sacrifice City Championship: Hari A

Frisco del Rosario simul: 1/10 (Mithil, Vignesh J.)

IM John Donaldson simul: 1/15 (Arul Viswanathan)


Sacrifice City Championship: Tal G

GM Dejan Bojkov clock (G105/G60) simul: .5/14 (Sanat S)

IM Irene Sukandar & WIM Sabrina Chevannes tandem simul: 3/20

      2 Wins: Sanat Singhal & Mr Kalyan

      2 Draws: Shopnavo Biswas, Arul Viswanathan

GM Timur Gareyev 35 board blindfold simul: 2/35

     1 win: Vignesh Jami & Arvind Sankar (team)

     2 draws: Arul Viswanathan, Andrew Ng

Dapper Dan's Dainty Date: Tal G

top kek: Elliot K

WIM Sabrina Chevannes simul: 3/18

     1 win: Mr Kalyan

     4 draws: Arya, Arul, Elliot & Ishan D


Random Opening G10 Championship: Arul

FM Vignesh Panchanatham simul: 0/12

Blindfold Marathon: Ajay S

IM Kesav Viswanadha simul: 0/11

Biggie Food Service: Ajay S.

GM Timur Gareyev blindfold simul: 0/11

WIM Sabrina Chevannes simul: 4/17

     8 draws: Aditya, Shaashwath, Manas, Tal,

     Nikhil, Shopnavo, Elliot, Arul

Let's Play Chess Club Championship: Arul

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 1/15 (Eliam Chang)

Bughouse Championship: Arul & Aditya

Rubber Chess Championship: Arul

IM Ricardo de Guzman simul: 0/19

FM Cameron Wheeler simul: .5/20 (Milind Maiti)

The White Knight: Arul

The Arul Tournament: Nico

IM John Donaldson simul: 0/14

GM Susan Polgar Q&A

GM Jesse Kraai simul: 0/16


Sacrifice City Championship: Arul

G5 Championship: Arul (rated); Tal (unrated)

Problem Solving Championship: Arul

#cuddlymuffins chess tournament: Arul

GM Enrico Sevillano simul: 0/18

Blindfold Marathon: Shopnavo

Let's Play Chess Club Championship: Arul

GM Mark Paragua & GM Oliver Barbosa tandem simul: .5/21 (Arul Viswanathan)

FM Vignesh Panchanatham simul: 1/15 (Arul Viswanathan, Sathvik R)

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 0/18

IM Ricardo de Guzman simul: 0/21

Carnivorous Potato: Arul

Bughouse Championship: Shopnavo & Arul

The Chess Clock: Arul V

Rubber Chess Championship: Arul V

The Rook: Arul V

Magnus Carlsen Forum raffle: Ishan D, Shopnavo


G/5 Championship: Naman (rated), Varun P (unrated)

Problem Solving Championship: Arul V

The Chess Tournament: Arul V

Blindfold Marathon: Arul V

Let's Play Chess Club Championship: Rishabh Hangal

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 0/19

GM Vadim Milov simul: 0/20

The Broccoli Ninja: Arul V (rated), Beatrice, Spencer, Ajay (unrated)

FM Cameron Wheeler simul: 3/24

     2 Wins: Deng-Tung Wang, Aditya Behal

     2 Draws: Martin Liu, Spencer Lee

Bughouse Championship: Team Anonymous (Naman & Iddo)

Jello Jalapeno Wasabi Pepper: Arul V

IM Ricardo de Guzman simul: 1/21, (Arul Viswanathan)

Fischer Random Marathon: Arul V

I Hate Gummy Worms: Arul V


The Knight Eats The Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich: Aditya B

IM Elliott Winslow simul: 0/20

Problem Solving Championship: Shopnavo

Play Slow & Blunder Check: Arul V (rated), Pranav M (unrated)

The Dark Knight Rises: Aditya B

Let's Play Chess Club Championship: Deng-Tung Wang

GM Dejan Bojkov simul: 0.5/30, (Michael Wang)

Champion's League: Arul V (rated), Nirmit A (unrated)

The Knight Mayor: Elliot K (rated), Nirmit A (unrated)

Bobby's Head: Brandon H

The Thing: Stephen H


Bazooka Rifle Jelly Cheese Sandwich: Arto M

Shadow Bullet Destroyer: Arul V

Frisco del Rosario Booktalk

NM Arjoe Loanzon simul: .5/40 (Arvind Sankar)

USCF rated results