Grandmaster Timur Gareyev


35 board simultaneous blindfold exhibition


March 12, 2016




Grandmaster Timur Gareyev will play against 35 different opponents at the same time while blindfolded. This simultaneous blindfold exhibition will set a new United States and North American record, surpassing Alekhine's 32 board blindfold performance in Chicago, 1933. The current World Record is 46 boards, set by FM Marc Lang in Germany, 2011.


Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 9am


Grandmaster Timur Gareyev


GM Gareyev was co-1st in the 2007 Uzbekistani Chess Championship and won the 20th Chicago Open, 2012 North American Open, and last December's Figueira do Foz in Portugal. He also tied for third in the 2013 US Chess Championship. Timur's rating is 2605 FIDE, 2702 USCF. He will attempt to break the simultaneous blindfold exhibition world record later in 2016. Find out more about Timur at


Resurrection Lutheran Church

2495 Cabrillo Avenue

Santa Clara, CA 95051


Players/teams should arrive no later than 8 am. Timur will take alternating colors on the boards. This event is open to the public and anyone may participate or observe. Spectators and players should maintain silence in the playing hall. Please set your phones to vibrate. Players should bring/arrange for their own lunch and snacks. All players are required to notate their games.

Boards & Current USCF Ratings/Results: (results other than loss listed)

1. Jonathan Y unrated

2. Ishan K 1168

3. Agrim G 974

4. Emma L 437 & her dad, Mr Lenchenkov unrated

5. Shaaketh S 1372

6. Shaashwath S 1518

7. Hari A 1109

8. Arjun S 1262

9. Prerana G 536

10. Arul Viswanathan 1796 DRAW

11. Ian F unrated

12. Gracie S 356

13. Samuel C 100

14. Ian C unrated

15. Ashwin B 925

16. Saisanthosh M 1204

17. Priyadarsi M 891

18. Vignesh Jami 413 & Arvind Sankar 2012 WIN

19. Ajay S 1372

20. Mr Ming unrated (Jonathan's grandfather)

21. Sathvik R 1173

22. Aaron N 1314 & his dad, Mr Matthew Ng 2113 (dad of Andrew Ng also)

23. Jayden L unrated

24. Andrew Ng 1274 DRAW

25. Arya D 983

26. Mr Vahak Mandjian 1837

27. Mr William Lombard III 1403

28. Aditya V unrated

29. Mr Kalyan unrated (Vignesh's dad)

30. Nikhil S 1117

31. Mr Vishy Swaminathan 1223 (Arul's dad)

32. Mr Sankar Swaminathan 1323 (Arvind & Arjun's dad)

33. Saahil K 956

34. Mr Jeff unrated

35. Mr Tigran Darbinyan 827


Entry fee = $75 per team or $50 for an individual board. 50% discount to players/teams who make a non-perishable food/cash donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank. Late registration fee after March 1: +$15. Free entry for current Let's Play Chess students and Team LPCC with a food donation.


Online [register now]


Post-Event Notes:

Organizer and sponsor: Mathew Benson/Let's Play Chess. The simul started at 9:45am after Tai-Chi warm ups. Timur took white on board 1 and alternated colors thereafter. The simul ended at 9:01 pm. Special thanks to the Sankar & Swaminathan families for their most helpful assistance. All players directly communicated their move audibly to GM Gareyev & vice versa. GM Gareyev did not take a lunch break, only three five-minute breaks during this exhibition. He rode a spinbike continuously while blindfolded. Boards 11 and 31-35 had to leave by 12 noon, so Timur blindfold-blitzed them around 11:30am in board order with 10 seconds/move until those games were over, then resumed the continuing blindfold simul on all other boards. Helpers (moved for Timur): Arvind Sankar, Mathew Benson, Sankar Swaminathan, Vishy Swaminathan, Marck from the Karpov Chess School, Arul Viswanathan, Andrew Ng.

Pics: 35 board blindfold simul

Chessbase article on this event by Timur: Blindfold King on tour

US Chess article on this event by Timur & Coach Mathew: The Blindfold King from California to New York City

On December 3 &4, 2016, Timur set a new Guiness World Record for simultaneous blindfold exhibition chess with 38.5/48 in a 48 board performance in Las Vegas. LPCC had board 22 in this event, played by Coach Mathew.